Shiplemon provides an API to programmatically get parcel rates, create shipments and automate the process of sending packages

Why do you need an API?

If you own a marketplace, an e-shop, a website, or any other kind of platform that sends packages, gifts, or any type of products, every time that a new order comes in, you have to find a way to send it to the client. If you want to do that automatically by connecting your system with a general API, Shiplemon can help you automate the full process.

Using the Shiplemon API, you can send requests in order to get the rates of sending a package from a pick up point (point A) to a final destination of a shipment (point B), create a shipment and get the related documents that will help you (or your clients) send a package between point A and point B

Once a shipment is created, the select carrier (selected either by user in your web app or mobile app, or selected by you based on specific criteria) will come in the senders address (pick up address), will pick up one or more items/packages and will deliver them in the final destination

Some of the carriers require printing of the label

The label should be placed in the package before the pickup of the item takes place.

What can you do with the Shiplemon API?

  • Ask for a price (rate) for a shipment between two points A and B

  • Create a shipment voucher for a specific shipment

  • Print the pdf of the voucher (the voucher contains the barcode needs to be scanned by the carrier during the pickup)

  • Schedule a pickup for a given date and time (so that the carrier comes and picks up the package)

How can I start?

  1. Create an account here: https://app.shiplemon.com/register

  2. Read important first steps: #1.-starting-the-integration

  3. Find your API key under Settings > Profile

  4. Start sending requests to the API (Get Rates is a good starting point)

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